Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lake Havasu City, AZ

We arrived in Lake Havasu City and yes, our timing was right on - it is spring break!!!  And what perfect weather - sunny and warm.  We meet some friends and tour the various sights for a few days as well as get some warranty work done on the Jeep.  Since the weather was so great, we walked the beach a couple of times and took a boat ride across Lake Havasu to have lunch at a casino on the other side.  The next time we will take this trip at night as they say the lights are quite pretty.  And of course, we took a drive up into the mountains to view the incredibly large and beautiful homes that are being built.

It is now time to leave and since the weather forecast says to expect cooler and rainy weather, we change our plans to spend a few days around Laughlin.  Instead we head right for Pahrump, NV to weather out the weather!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good-Bye Yuma

It has come to the time of year to say good-bye to Yuma and area.  Tomorrow we are going to slowly start our trek north as we head to Lake Havasu City, AZ.  There we will spend several days visiting with friends and probably walk the beach.  As luck would have it, next week is spring break and if Mr. weatherman co-operates, Gerry will want to walk, and walk, and walk, along the beach as the sights are really quite amazing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mitry Lake

We left Borrego Springs and have spent the past ten days at Mitry Lake - a wildlife refuge along the Colorado River about ten miles north of Yuma, AZ.  The wildlife or is it wild life, has remained near the lake so needless to say we are camped away from the water's edge.  Being snowbirds, we return each year about the same time to meet friends from the past, and it is always shortly before we migrate back north.

The weather has been wonderful although the past couple of days have been cooler and last night we had some wind.  In spite of this, the sky is clear, the sun is shining, and there is no snow.

Last week there was a new moon and with each new moon, hundreds trek about twenty-five kms out of the city to Spook Mountain.  Unforunately, there were hundreds there when we attended one night last week.  It was impossible to maintain total darkness as someone always seemed to be putting on their headlights so we only had a brief showing of the "spooks".  There were six of us, in two vehicles, who went for the viewing.  We took a firepit, wood, and had a weiner roast as we waited for night fall.  One of our friends have a couple of little dogs which they put in the truck right after supper.  Oops, the keys were in the truck, the dogs stepped on the lock, and there they were!!!!.  After Gerry pulled a truck out of the sand, off he went back to Yuma to retrieve the other set of keys.  It was a lovely evening, as us ladies remained to safeguard the truck with the dogs, as the fellows went off on to their mission.

Tomorrow is moving day again for us as we go to Olgilby Road - about fifteen miles west of Yuma for another week or so.  Plan on spending the time quietly, enjoying the sun - but one never knows.  I will keep you posted.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Borrego Springs, CA

The scorpion and the grasshopper
The serpent - it goes underneath the street

Here we are in the final week of our time at Borrego Springs, CA. We have been enjoying this area of the southwest for the past seven weeks. On the most part, the weather has been incredible; although the past couple of days have been rather windy. And this morning, when you look at the mountains there is snow along the top - so we know that the warm weather we have become accustomed to will not with with us for a few days!  In fact, the snow level came half-way down the mountain just before we left  - way too close for comfort.

We have gone on a couple of off-road trips.  The last one was to Julian, CA which had about six inches of snow.  The day, of course, was cool, but at least there was no snow at our camp.  The scenery is unbelievable when you get back into the mountains with the various amounts of vegetation, and some of the desert plants starting to bloom.
Big Horn Sheep
One of the best known areas around Borrego Springs is Galleta Meadows which is owned by Dennis Avery, known for Avery labels. He commissioned a sculptor by the name of Ricardo Breceda to create metal sculptures. Starting in April 2008, until now, there are 130 sculptures around town, all on land owned by Avery. I have included a tiny sampling of some of his work.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Somehow, January  just flittered away - I'm not sure where it went!!!  We are still in Borrego Springs enjoying the sunshine and warmth  - actually enjoying it once again.  It was time to head north to see the family and do a bit of work at the same time - having arrived back only a couple of nights ago.  We had a good trip, a great visit, nice weather, and got some work done so now it is time to relax for another couple of months.

Since my last blog, we have maintained a low profile.  We did go off-roading a couple of times and I even got to test my skills over the pile of rocks.  I was pretty proud of myself as I managed to get us home with only a little pin-striping and forgot to go around one rock on the road - but it was just a small one which simply caused a "bump".  It's hard to believe that three short years ago, I was extremely nervous when we went up that same canyon.  And now, I can easily drive the trail myself.

A couple of weeks ago we travelled to El Cajon (near San Diego) to pick up a Cocker Spaniel puppy.  He is so darn cute, but I am glad that he belongs to friends which means we can enjoy him without the cost!  It's almost similar to grandparenting!!

Although we have only been back down south for a few days, we now have a phone that does not work properly - we can send and receive texts and receive phone calls but can't dial out.  Too bad it didn't happen a few days earlier.  Also, our furnace motor had been giving us a bit of trouble - but no more.  Today we changed it.  And notice I said we!!!!  so all is now good.

Until next time, which I promise will be very soon, take care!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week One of January

We started the New Year with a potluck brunch - it seemed to be an endless variety of food which was all very delicious.  Once everyone was stuffed, we went on a short off-road trip.    A couple more days of off-roading and the gathering was over.  The week did not end unscathed as a quick drop over a rock put a significant bend in the back bumper.  It's a good thing that we only have the original plastic bumper as a hair dryer, and a bit of patience, the bumper is almost as good as new.

We are camped out in the desert and are surrounded by mountains.  Often when we go on our morning walk, we will go up one of the numerous trails up the mountains.  One day, as we climbed over the top, we came across this rattlesnake in one of the swails on top.  The length of this diamond-back is about 50 feet, and is very realistic.  We're not sure if someone was just being very creative, or if they just had too much time on their hands!!

Each day is as pleasant as yesterday - warm temperatures, clear skies, and generally very little wind.  We can only hope that this weather continues.

Until next time, have a great day or two or more!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Heat is On...

This is the end of Christmas week and the New Year is just around the corner.  In my last blog I mentioned a trashcan turkey - I have added a couple of pictures to show exactly what happened.

On Boxing Day, instead of shopping, we attended a fish fry.  A friend of ours was a commercial fisherman from Washington state.  Since he is still recovering from a recent stroke, his son (also a commercial fisherman) had a fish fry - yum, what a feast.  We had shrimp, cod, tuna, salmon prepared in various ways.  The black cod tips were, by far, my favourite.  On the way home we stopped at a grocery store, and at home, we almost had a disaster.  When we opened the back door of the Jeep, my bottle of coffee liquer fell out onto a concrete driveway.  With lightning speed, we picked up the bottle and fortunately, only the top broke off so a simple filtering job saved the liquid.

On Wednesday, we left Yuma and went to Borrego Springs, CA.  There was a 4x4 rally in progress so we quickly joined in on several back-country trips.  And the temperatures are finally warm - this is what we have been waiting for.

On one trip, we visited a cemetary that was next to a regional park.  In the park is an old stagecoach stop on the Butterfield trail.  In the picture you will see a gravesite - on it is a white veil.  The story goes that a lady who was on the stagecoach became very ill, so was left at the stop, and subsequently died.  When they opened her trunk they found a wedding dress and a veil.  She was dressed in her wedding dress to be buried but her veil was put on top the gravesite.  In all the years, the veil has remained on the grave in various locations, has never yellowed nor deteriorated.

Today we went, and came back, across country to the town of Julian, a historic gold mining town. There are numerous little shops, and restaurants - the town being famous for apple pie.  We did see someone leading a llama into town - a most unusual sight I thought.

It was oooh, so close!